Permaculture course I

co-working weeks on water systems: pond, black water cleaning system, grey water


VIRTUAL APERITIVO / CENA Let's celebrate our local and regional food traditions! Please join us for a virtual aperitivo/cena and bring with you a typical, traditional meal or food item from your area (trofie al pesto, agnolotti del plin, fårikål, maultaschen) wherever you are located! We can talk about how our local traditions can relate to Permaculture and Slow Food principles to think about ways of making (or keeping) our daily meals more regenerative.


Permaculture course II

co-working weeks on water systems: pond, black water cleaning system, grey water

ETH EPFL SDL PhD summer school

An experiential educational co-creation hybridizing science, design, social outdoor joy, and local people action.  Organized by ETH Zurich, EPFL Lausanne, MonViso Institute. Partnering with The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, TU Delft, and Politecnico Torino. This PhD school prototypes a new hybrid format as part of the future of higher education: a physical onsite core group, small and rich, developing place-based content with reasonable travel effort; accompanied and embedded in a virtual setting to allow global participation with a low carbon footprint and rich cross-fertilization. PhD … Read More

Week-end of sustainability

Sabato 10/07 II Raduno auto elettriche EV meeting 13:45 Ritrovo auto elettriche (EV) a Saluzzo in Piazza Cavour per consegna PASS Meeting place at Saluzzo 14:00 Partenza della carovana EV con destina- zione Ostana Start of the caravan 14:45 Arrivo a Ostana con accesso a parcheggio riservato Arrival to Ostana 15:00 Presente e futuro della mobilità sostenibile (Presso l’ala coperta d’Ostana loca- lità Villa). Testimonianze, progettualità e scommesse per uno sviluppo sostenibile. Talking about present and future of the sustainable … Read More

11 RDT – Mindsummer: e-mobility day

Week-end della sostenibilità a Ostana (Week-end of sustainability) 11th REGENERATIVE DESIGN TALK Talking about present and future of the sustainable mobility. 15:00 Presente e futuro della mobilità sostenibile (Presso l’ala coperta d’Ostana loca- lità Villa). Testimonianze, progettualità e scommesse per uno sviluppo sostenibile.   See the detailed program offer here.

Systemic Design Exploration The High Po Valley by (e)Gravel Bike

Learn, exchange, connect with like-minded people on cycling, industrial history, design for regeneration and entrepreneurial engagement. Explore local sustainable development initiatives, wild nature, regional food and culture. Develop ideas, methods and concepts to apply Systemic Design in job and life. An inspiring journey for conscious and engaged people, professionals, policy makers, students through the Italian Piedmont. See the detailed program offer here.


Join us in visiting our important local businesses combining tradition with innovative environmentally friendly principles, such as Calce Piasco. Together with La Banca della Calce, they produce CalceCanapa, an "eco-compatible building materials and products based on magnesium lime and hemp." Hiking or skiing in the nearby Valle Varaita will follow, with hopefully aperitivo / dinner together.


HERE AND NOW- Paraloup (To be defined)

Continuing the theme of solidarity and new alpine living, we plan to visit the rifugio and borgata Paraloup, as "Un nuovo modello di sviluppo sostenibile per la montagna." Transportation to Paraloup aims to be powered by clean electric energy, thanks to our E-Mobility event in Ostana the following day. Mountain biking in Valle Maira to follow. To be confirmed

12 RDT


SYSTEMIC CYCLES: A new way of weaving and activating bioregional supply chain Un nuovo modo di tessere e attivare filiere bioregionali This in-person Regenerative Design Talk revisits MVI’s “Systemic Cycles” multi-day sustainable bicycle tour of circular supply chains within the Piedemonte, held back in August 2021. Join us for a video screening of the tour, presentation of the Politecnico di Torino students’ publication and an open design workshop to explore ways of expanding “Systemic Cycles” into a longer term collaboration … Read More


A time to Befriend yourself, Immerse in Nature and Explore your Creativity – A time to Thrive and Care for our Planet Earth



Design, Resilience, Regeneration, Systems: A MOOC series about creating positive impact in complex systems as part of learning communities: This innovative Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) series, offered for free by ETH Zurich through edX, hybridizes sustainability science, systemic design and transformative action. It provides you with worldviews, tools, illustrations and transformative networks to build your capacities and engage in systemic innovation of complex systems. MVI contributes substantially to this MOOC with real-world design interventions. Out of the MOOC series … Read More

DRRS community

A new learning community you can be part of – Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems (DRRS), a virtual place to co-create the Now and the Next, to deep dive into themes that the MOOC series may trigger, to engage and create further learning opportunities. Here you find an exciting network of currently more than 800 participants from around the world. Join the community network for free and get updates on upcoming learning opportunities: Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems on Mighty Networks

Crowdfunding opportunity: Open access Weather+ station

Contributing to the Mountain Research Initiative's Global Network of Mountain Observatories (GNOMO), we are building a new "fluid mountain data monitoring station" at Serre Lamboi, the MVI campus. Part of this is a professional weather station, collecting classic weather data plus monitoring air quality by particulate matter (PM) sensors. All data, including live webcam images towards Monte Viso, will be open access so everyone can benefit from this climate science and communication project. Your financial support enables the MVI Association … Read More

Connessi con la natura | Connecting with nature

Due giorni in cui teatro, design e vita all’aria aperta si fondono in un’unica esperienza. Un’occasione per ascoltare la natura dentro e intorno a noi, lasciando germogliare nuove idee per vivere in modo più sostenibile nelle nostre comunità montane. Join us for two days in which theater, design and outdoor living come together in a single experience. It’s an opportunity to listen to nature in and around us, letting new ideas sprout to live more sustainably in our mountain communities. … Read More


RENEWAL, The Way Out is In

  THE WAY OUT IS IN Cultivate Mindful Self-Compassion & Resilience in Natureto thrive together in a changing world Join a late summer 5-day immersion into experiential practices of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) in the face of transition, embedded in the wider sphere of inner growth (Inner Development Goal Framework) to support pathways of building holistic resilience, and somatically anchored in contemplative nature connection practices (Awake in the Wild).  "The Way Out is In"To become more engaged in the world in a way that helps develop wisdom, … Read More