The MonViso Institute
44°69′70.99″N 7°18′98.87″W
1500m asl

MVI is an open innovation ecosystem - a real-world laboratory for research, education, entrepreneurship and new living - on sustainability transitions and regenerative design for a more resilient and just society


Let's re-think and re-design how we want to live now and in the future. Resilient, regenerative, blending local traditions, regional resources, and global openness.

“Design has the leverage to address complex challenges of global scale with place-based inclusive responses at the intersection of ecology, anthropology, and systemic innovation.

"We weave bridges and build synergies between people, projects, ecosystems, and economies, between theory and practice - with the common goal to create net-positive impact."


This is the short version trailer of the full video on the 5th Regenerative Design Talk RDT in 2019 on building and designing with hemp at the MonViso Institute.

Here and Now

April 11 18:00 - 19:00 hrs

Join us in visiting our important local businesses combining tradition with innovative environmentally friendly principles, such as Calce Piasco. Together with La Banca della Calce, they produce CalceCanapa, an “eco-compatible building materials and products based on magnesium lime and hemp.” Hiking or skiing in the nearby Valle Varaita will follow, with hopefully aperitivo / dinner together.

Opportunities for a Regional Circular Economy

Building resilience through new circular flows. The Politecnico Torino Master course 2019/20 in Systemic Design presents their assessment of opportunities for a circular economy in the High Po River Valley.

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MonViso Institute engages
in research, education, entrepreneurship and new
alpine living...

What is a real-world laboratory for sustainability transitions and regenerative design?

End of 2019, the UN announced the Decade for Action on Sustainable Development: to mobilize for local and people action, embedding the needed transitions in local practice and generating an unstoppable movement pushing for systemic innovation...

We experiment with Tools for Change to develop Seeds of Systemic Innovation and confront complex sustainability challenges alongside our Core Concepts.

On the search for a location, we found Serre Lamboi in the community of Ostana in 2015. Only with the support of the local community it was possible to acquire the abandoned compound…

We are situated at 1500m asl on the Southern slopes of the river Po Valley, in the community of Ostana, at the foot of Monte Viso (3841m asl), Piedmont, Italy, right at the border to France…


Here and Now

"Conversazione e azione nella co-creazione di soluzioni di sostenibilità locale"


Contribute, lET'S JOIN FORCES!



Come along, engage in various types of activities, make new friends, and contribute with your skills

The campus transition process is multi-faceted, full of learning, exploring and joy



We are transforming this abandoned place to an innovation and communication hub Your contribution helps to bring new life to Serre de Lamboi.



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