Do you want to participate as a volunteer?

We always appreciate people joining our projects and pushing sustainable innovation forward through local action. There are several options of participating. In our volunteer camps for example you can camp on the campus during the summertime and you benefit from precious experiences:


Volunteer 1

Get dirty hands and join our “Do - Camps”

You want to help realizing sustainability projects at the MVI and get your hands dirty? The MVI organizes working camps with special topics during the summer where you can learn a lot. The main task is creating outdoor spaces. The specific activities, dates and duration of the camps are in the calendar. During your time at the MVI we ask for a little fee to finance the food and you will can do free camping on our campus.

Camp activities 2020:

  • Building a Mountain Bike trail
  • Hemp sowing
  • Building a swimming pond
  • Food Garden

Volunteer 2

Contribute as technical instructor for group tasks

Do you want to contribute to the MVI with your professional building experiences as an instructor? Become our Professional volunteer and help pushing sustainability forward through sharing your precious knowledge with other volunteers. 

Enjoy free camping and food during your period on the campus.


Local supporters

You are a local and would like to join developing sustainability solutions for your region? The MVI is working with and for the Piedmont region, that’s why local people mean really much to us and are very important for our progress. If you are interested or even have a specific idea - don’t hesitate to contact us. 



Get involved and learn about the broader spectrum of MVI organization

In your internship at the MVI you help raising the impact of MVI and its projects on the longer run. Our first priority is to create synergies with your area of interest and the projects of the MVI, so you can contribute something in your favorite field and have a lot of fun.


Student projects and theses

You are interested in a cooperation for your student project or thesis? 

MVI experiments with place-based solutions to design sustainability transitions and identify generalizable systemic innovation tools for creating resilient regenerative socio- technical-ecological systems. Transitions are intertwined on multiple scales, from the single rebuilt building to the compound, the evolving campus, the surrounding community of Ostana, the Po Valley, and the Piedmont Region. Focal design and reporting aspects are the correlations of regenerative, circular design solutions with local community identity: the reciprocal processes between preservation of local traditions and systemic change to implement the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

As a student you will gain real-world insights into complex systems, where buildings are closely integrated with the MVI campus development, the surrounding social community of Ostana, the ecological environment, and the local economy.


Teacher experience

You plan to conduct courses or workshops in topics related to the MVI Vision, and want to prototype your prospected course setup in reality? If you want to experience your course in the dynamic and innovative environment of MVI, renting our campus might be the right choice for you. Beneath this option you can choose to get help from the MVI team in developing and improving your skills as a course teacher. 

We offer:  

  • the topical environment and infrastructure to design and offer a prototype course experience
  • didactic support by experienced MVI Team members (e.g. University professors)