Services - design consulting

MVI offers design "doing" and strategic consulting services in systemic design towards regenerative cultures.
Based on the rich networks of the MVI ecosystem, we support transition pathways of various types of organizations (companies, communities, regions, individuals,...) for becoming more sustainable, more resilient, and emerging into regenerative cultures. We support partners with integrative planning, incubating systemic innovation, organizational strategic development, developing new training and course offers, partnering in research projects, and offering responsible real-estate programming. We invite partners to energize at our campus Serre Lamboi, physically, for workshops, retreats, practices, to learn what we do and how, to get inspired. We also travel to our partner's sites and emerge together in their place-based situations.
If you are looking for such partnerships and services, or if you are interested in investing in responsible real-estate in the Piedmont Alps, we are happy to start a conversation. Please contact us


On the journey towards a future-ready campsite: Camping Ca'savio, Venice lagoon

Contribution of the Monviso Institute ecosystem to praxis design-consulting partneeships

The MonViso Institute (MVI) as place and state of mind, a real-world laboratory for sustainability transitions and regenerative design, offers holistic partnerships with partners from practice on their journey towards regenerative futures. MVI offers both onsite workshops on our mountain campus at Serre Lamboi, Ostana, and design-consulting visits at our partners’ locations. Our diverse network of different kinds of experts, from science, design, praxis, from different cultural and language regions, is activated depending on what is needed in a particular case.

Part of this MVI portfolio is our campus partner Grown, an outdoor creativity lab and experience collective, co-creating regenerative design solutions as nature. For example, Grown offers systemic design products “netpositive” to engage customers at Ca’savio, such as outdoor cutting boards laminated with protein glues and oak tannin powder, practical knives made from recycled circular saw blades, or beanies made from the latest technology of renewable fibers. As well, Grown designs educational outdoor experiences, such as the “systemic cycles” regional weaving bicycle program.