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Current Projects

The MonViso Institute is a not-for-profit organization and relies on the support of the community to found our work. If you would like to support the Institute financially through a one-off donation, please follow the link below.

Open Access "Weather + Observations"


As part of the Mountain Research Initiative's Global Network of Mountain Observatories (GNOMO), we are building a new "fluid mountain data monitoring station" at Serre Lamboi, the MVI campus. Part of this is a professional weather station, collecting classic weather data plus monitoring air quality by particulate matter (PM) sensors. All data, including live webcam images towards Monte Viso, will be open access so everyone can benefit from this climate science and communication project. Your financial support enables the MVI Association to cover the costs for this new station and web service.

Paulownia Forest Research and Observation

Paulownia (Paulowniaceae) is one of the world’s fastest growing trees. Originally introduced from Asia to Europe in the 17th century, its wood is one of the lightest, while keeping high flexibility and stability. The fast growth, lightweight and stability make it an ideal wood for regenerative composite constructions (a wood core sandwiched by fiber belts, such as from hemp), like skis, surfboards, orthopedic splines, or electric car chassis. MVI experiments with Paulownia trees on our test plantation on 1500m asl, to understand its growth rate, resilience to frost, snow and hail, and to storms. Paulownia could well become another interesting economic “crop” for mountain valleys. Together with hemp, one would then have the main materials for regenerative composite materials, and a new valuable land use for peripheral and mountainous areas.

We experiment with the resilience of this tree species, amongst the fastest growing trees in the world, with an exceptional weight-stability ratio of its wood, and thus being perfectly tuned to be used for light weight composite materials (such as skis), in combination with hemp fibers.

Connessi con la natura | Connecting with nature

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Connecting with Nature is a two-day experience combining theater, design and interaction with nature, in the beautiful landscape of Ostana (Po Valley, Piedmont). This project will host acclaimed Genovese actor Pino Petruzzelli's inspiring theater performance Vita Nei Boschi, freely inspired by Henry David Thoreau's Walden, Life in the Woods. Following the performance, an aperitivo of local products will complement an interactive role-play game on Systemic Design, curated by MonViso Institute. The following day, a guided educational hike through the trails of Ostana will be offered in collaboration with Walden S.R.L., to learn about Systemic Design through nature, curated by MonViso Institute. Your donations help make this event possible by supporting artists and other collaborators, logistical costs and local food businesses for the aperitivo.


Partner program

If you strive for sustainability and would like to access a market of the future, then it is time to get in touch. We invite you to jointly develop, test, demonstrate and evaluate sustainable solutions.


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