MVI designs and offers experiential education on many topics within the broad fields of sustainability, resilience, transitions, and regenerative design. All our offers focus on how to cope with complexity and derive solutions that matter, employing systems thinking and systemic design, understanding and practicing the overarching connection and embeddedness between “things” and “beings”, between the biotic and abiotic world, across scales.

We collaborate with various Universities, institutions, municipalities, companies, local people, and we invite educators, trainers, professors, teachers from around the world.


We experiment with “virtually stimulated social outdoor experiences” and combine place-based “real” experiences with “dirty hands” with virtual, digital learning independent of place and time.


We offer a variety of educational offers, from short campus visits to week-long summer schools, multiple day hike/bike/ski adventures with a “cause”, restoration camps, and virtual trainings based on local innovation.

Events this year


Permaculture course I and II

may 09 - 23

co-working weeks on water systems: pond, black water cleaning system, grey water

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ETH EPFL SDL PhD summer school

June 04 - 12

co-working weeks on water systems: pond, black water cleaning system, grey water

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Mindfulness and compassion in nature

July 11-28

Join us in July 2021 for a sparkling, pioneering initiative, in which we take compassionate action by bringing together passionate professionals from different cultures, countries, areas of expertise and training to explore mindful ways of living and caring for ourselves, our society and our planet.r

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co-working week

October 04 - 09

co-working weeks

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Examples of educational offers from the last years are:


University of Lugano: Master class “International Economics and Tourism”, with the course “International Tourism Colloquium” and the topic “Mountain Resilience”. Over three years, students engaged in local social network analyses and mobility experiments with choice experiment surveys.


German Permaculture Association: 12-days immersive course on Permaculture design


ETH Zurich: Master class “Systemic Design Labs” on co-designing alpine-urban circularity and a regenerative regional bio-economy

ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne: PhD Summer School «Regenerate Alpine-Urban Circularity”


Politecnico Torino: Master in “Systemic Design” with the course “Open Systems Design” on designing a regional circular economy, together with companies and practice partners from the region

Politecnico Torino: RSD7 De-Conference two-days retreat (Relating Systems Thinking and Design)


Mark Coleman of Awake in the Wild, USA: Exploring mindfulness and “flow” in nature


ShiftN, Belgium: The View from Above. A Workshop on complex sustainability challenges, flying drones.


Dozens of day visits and offers for the public, for schools, trainings for Architects, and many others.


Salem Kolleg, Germany: over the last years, MVI serves as base camp and re-supply/safety backup for student groups who leave on annual self-supplied mountain backpacking trips over 8-10 days, including a 24h "solo" in wild nature.


Grown Outdoor Creativity Lab: Regenerative composite design courses - building skis, snowboards, kiteboards, outdoor utensils from locally grown renewable materials, i.e. hemp, Paulownia, and renewable glues.


Continuous public educational series: Regenerative Design Talks


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