Opportunities for a Circular Economy in High River Po Valley

Centro Polifunzionale Lou Pourtoun, Sant'Antonio, Ostana Sant'Antonio, Ostana, CN

Building resilience through new circular flows Cosa significa pensare in modo sistemico e circolare? Quanto è importante costruire relazioni sul proprio territorio? Presentazione dei progetti realizzati durante il corso “Open System Design Lab” a.a. 2019/2020, della Laurea Magistrale in Design Sistemico del Politecnico di Torino. Aperitivo con i designer Please sign up here.

Here and Now – Inaugurazione

Online (Zoom)

Starting Wednesday, Dec 12 2020. The first date of this new event series is on Zoom: https://aho.zoom.us/j/67981268637 To keep in touch, sign up for the MVI newsletter and connect to this new groups' Facebook page.

Here and Now

Welcoming 2021 with continued conversations on solidarity, sustainability and new alpine living. Like last December, we look forward to seeing you virtually on Zoom for an aperitivo!



Following the MVI ski-building workshop, please join us for a Meet and Greet with Grown Skis and learning about regenerative outdoor recreation by doing!  We plan to ski and snowshoe in the Valle Po, further details to be communicated later.


Permaculture course I

co-working weeks on water systems: pond, black water cleaning system, grey water