Systemic Innovation and transitions towards sustainability are a team effort. We collaborate with universities for joint research and real-world teaching programs, with companies to develop innovative building systems, public partners, and many individuals and organisations.


If you strive for sustainability and would like to access a market of the future, then it is time to get in touch. We invite you to jointly develop, test, demonstrate and evaluate sustainable solutions.

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Academic and educational partners

Public and Ostana

Various organisations

Industry partners for the MVI campus construction

Il Doppio passive net-positive wooden building

Luisella Dutto

Architect and building site direction, Cuneo


The glue- and metal-free solid wood construction method from the Black Forest, Germany

Casa Salute

Italian distributor of Nur-Holz, the wooden wall construction system of Il Doppio

La Valle dell’Eco, Enrico Crespo and team

Local building company, dedicated to eco-responsible traditional materials and tecniques

Walter Perisello

Wood house builder


Local window and door producer; built the passive house windows based on a new regional chestnut wood supply system certified with a “low carbon timber” certificate

Calce Piasco, Francesca Deaglio

Regional limestone building product company with long tradition. Innovative hemp-lime plaster developer.


Werner Schönthaler

Hemp systems and building expert

Photovoltaic panels in shape, size and color of the traditional “stone lose” roof tiles
Alessio Bolla, builder and artisan, traditional stone wall builder