Tools for change


The Tools for Change (TfC, towards a more sustainable, just and regenerative society) we currently experiment with and which are subject to continuous evaluation are the following:

  1. Student-driven, low-threshold and inclusive research, such as social network analysis of the community collaboration, mobility experiments, surveys including choice experiments, circularity master planning,…
  2. Technical innovation demonstration and experiential illustration, such as the “feeling” to be in a wooden passive house and how this relates to material selection and passive design, skis built from hemp fiber composites, solar roof panels that mimic the traditional stone lose tiles,…
  3. Regenerative Design Talks (RDT), a collaborative workshop series focusing on the interconnected relationship of design, nature, our unique built environment and mountain identity in Ostana and beyond.
  4. Co-Design: hiring local people to team up and giving them mutual ownership for mutual innovation.
  5. Explorative Events, which are the experimentation place for new teaching and training courses, the "lab" for testing how we can reach out to people with experiential learning.
  6. Here & Now, an easy-access supportive space (virtual & physical) to exchange ideas, create connections between projects, and learn how to bring sustainability science, design opportunities and creative thinking into our translocal alpine places we call home. It’s about connecting big dreams to the “here and now.”
  7. Serious Play: a way to playfully interact with diverse people to build compassion and connection, and discover joint pathways of action, through reframing "work" as "obligation" to "opportunities for joy and imagination".
  8. Stories of failure. We highlight stories of experiments that did not work out, and why. So to learn from it in a different way than "just" showing what works.
  9. Time: trust building and getting used to changes.

The embedding of "Tools for Change" into the real-world laboratory work is explained in Core Concepts