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A center for sustainability and systemic design


A Place in Transition

 The MonViso Institute 


A Real-World mountain Laboratory 

for Research, Education and Entrepreneurship 

in Sustainability Transformations and Systemic Regenerative Design

What's happening at our campus

Course program "Mindfulness and Compassion in Nature"


Join us in July 2020 (now: July 2021) for a sparkling, pioneering initiative, in which we take compassionate action by bringing together passionate professionals from different cultures, countries, areas of expertise and training to explore mindful ways of living and caring for ourselves and our planet. Pre-registration now open.

Exploring "Flow" in Nature


Inner and outer, mental and physical connection:

Laboratory days on developing new teaching offers at the MonViso Institute with mindfulness and nature meditation trainer Mark Coleman from California, USA.

Renewal is in the Air


The European Outdoor Industry meets with its new think tank "Outdoor Futures" at MVI.

A photo narrative in Suston Magazine.

Environmental Award


The Italian environmental organization Legambiente awards the MonViso Institute with the "Bandiera Verde" 2019, a recognized green award, for its continuous efforts in demonstrating and communicating solutions for sustainability.

We say thank you!

The View from Above.


A Workshop on complex sustainability challenges, flying drones. Organized by ShiftN and MonViso Institute.

RSD7 De-Conference

The international conference "Relating Systems Thinking and Design" RSD7 came to Ostana for a 2-day de-conference retreat.

A Transition in Progress

Innovation for Sustainability


Our Topics




Integrative Building Design

Renewable Energy Systems

Sustainability Transitions

Community Resilience

Alpine Urbanism


Circular Economy

Regenerative Design


Responsible Tourism

Co-Design of (Forest) Ecosystem Services

Outdoor Sports and Education

A mountain observatory for environmental data monitoring 

Scientific collection and monitoring of environmental and social-ecological data

as part of a global mountain observatory network

Want to be part of this transition?


Test and showcase your sustainable building materials and products in this innovative setting to a targeted audience

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We are transforming this abandoned place to an innovation and communication hub

Your contribution helps to bring new life to Serre de Lamboi

Come along, engage in various types of activities, make new friends, and contribute with your skills

The campus transition process is multi-faceted, full of learning, exploring and joy

Do you want to stay at the MVI campus?

Once finished, the MonViso Institute can host groups of various kind and occasions.