MVI is an open innovation ecosystem – a real-world laboratory for research, education, entrepreneurship and new living – on  sustainability transitions and regenerative design for a more resilient and just society
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Category: Concept

Find out more about Real World Laboratories and our other core concepts

Category: Concept

We always appreciate people joining our projects and pushing sustainable innovation forward through local action.

Volunteer 1

Get dirty hands and join our “Do – Camps”

Volunteer 2

Contribute as technical instructor for group tasks

Volunteer Opportunities

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We are grateful for people who want to help financing the MVI Campus. Next steps on the campus are e.g. restoring the other old buildings and creating new spaces, so MVI can raise it’s potential. Help pushing innovation forward: Link


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It is very important to the MVI to support students and to work on systemic innovation together. We offer internships on our campus in Ostana (Piedmont, Italy) and also cooperate with students for their projects or theses. 

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MVI is looking for a core group of co-owners who share the principles and visions at MVI and have passion for the mountains, too. 

Partner program 

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rent the campus

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– The MVI was funded by the private Investment.

– The MVI finances itself by hosting events and offers consulting services (Sustainability and Systemic Innovation), too. A glamping site is planned, too. 

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