Here and now

"Conversazione e azione nella co-creazione di soluzioni di sostenibilità locale"

P E N S I A M O  I N  G R A N D E

A G I A M O  I N  P I C C O L O


We are a small and passionate group of young, curious people who care about the holistic health (social, ecological, economical) of our mountain communities... so we are starting a network to connect others who think similarly!

We imagine this initiative as a supportive space to exchange ideas, create connections between projects, and learn how to bring sustainability science, design opportunities and creative thinking into our local alpine places we call home. It’s about connecting big dreams to the “here and now.”

Parliamo in Italiano e Inglese, e siamo un gruppo di persone aperte e dinamiche. Tutti sono benvenuti; per cui non esitate a condividere questo invito con altri che potrebbero essere interessati. Guarda i nostri eventi di seguito, per diversi modi di condividere conoscenze, idee e divertimento.

Because we are living in times of uncertainty, creative adaptation is the key. We are operating on a donation-based system. Sharing our resources (transportation / car-sharing options, snack supply, small financial help etc.) is key for the success of H&N events. We thank you very much in advance for your support. The following events are subject to change with COVID-19, and reach out to us through our email below if you have other initiatives and opportunities to share!


October 09th
(Site Visit + Outdoor Play)

Join us in visiting our important local businesses combining tradition with innovative environmentally friendly principles, such as Calce Piasco. Together with La Banca della Calce, they produce CalceCanapa, an "eco-compatible building materials and products based on magnesium lime and hemp." Hiking or skiing in the nearby Valle Varaita will follow, with hopefully aperitivo / dinner together. To be confirmed

(To be defined)

Continuing the theme of solidarity and new alpine living, we plan to visit the rifugio and borgata Paraloup, as "Un nuovo modello di sviluppo sostenibile per la montagna." Transportation to Paraloup aims to be powered by clean electric energy, thanks to our E-Mobility event in Ostana the following day. Mountain biking in Valle Maira to follow. To be confirmed
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