Upon completion, the MVI campus will host groups in an inspirational setting of demonstrated innovation for sustainability

The original six abandoned stone houses are currently being transformed to an interacting array of buildings following our sustainable design principles, together forming the MonViso Institute mountain campus:
Il Doppio

Cabin with two apartments in one building, to live and to rent. 


Small, multifunctional upper floor with a guest welcome and information center (infoseum), changeable to a small guest apartment; closed-loop bathroom and toilet on the lower floor.

Fab Lab

Workshop and fabrication lab on the ground floor, equipped with tools like 3D printer and CNC router; atelier and art space on the first floor.

Tribal Hub

Taverna with cooking facilities and dining places for 20 people on the ground floor; flexible group seminar and presentation room(s) on the first floor.


Group accommodation with twin guest rooms and bunk beds, sleeping in total 20 people, and bathrooms.


A mountain data collection hub with flexible seminar rooms and personal office space. Modular " Innovation Nest" construction that can be changed and adapted to changing demand and building technology.


Who are the users of this mountain campus?

Student groups

University students, schools and other educational groups come to interact and learn in a living laboratory. There will even be a Master degree offered in the future.


We offer demonstrations and B2B/B2C occasions for architects, engineers, builders, designers,...


While scientists stay and work using the facilities, the MVI is a laboratory and subject to various research questions in itself. 



Those who are more creative and productive when being in a highly inspirational, positive-energy loaded place with fab lab and atelier space.
Tourists "+"

Active mountain vacation time paired with experiencing sustainable living and design? You'll return home full of inspirational ideas...

Events "+"

You can rent the campus for your event with the "+" of innovation in sustainable living and celebrating - from locally grown food to plus-energy buildings with a net-positive footprint.

Company retreats

Indulge with your team in a private compound of astonishing creativity and systemic connectivity.

Outdoor sports groups

Come to ski, climb, bike, hike, fish, photograph, wildlife viewing - the range of outdoor activities are plentifull. Après sports is in a solar powered hot tub with red deer roaming freely around you.

Courses & Training

Learn how to build an eco-designed ski or board in our fab lab? Permaculture? Photography and gratefulness? Here you can learn and let go, while meeting pals alike.

Basically - just anyone curious

Aerial photo explorer of the compound